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Apollo Vredestein B.V. is a Netherland-based tyre manufacturing company. The brand is over 100 years old and is now owned by Apollo Tyres India Pvt Ltd. Through constant development of newer tyre technologies; the brand continues to maintain its position in the global tyre market.

Vredestein pays a great deal of attention to tyre designing and detailing. It works in collaboration with the famous Italian design agency, Giugiaro, since 1970. It has mainly focused on tread design and sidewall construction to make its products stand apart from the rest. Recently, the brand has also been awarded the All-season Manufacturer of the Year in 2020 by the German car magazine Auto Bild

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Some of our bestselling Vredestein car tyres Shipley

COMTRAC 2COMTRAC 2 is one of our top-selling Vredestein tyres Shipley for summer use. These tyres have a robust construction that offers enhanced stability while driving with a heavy load. The unique sipes of this tyre offer outstanding aquaplaning resistance and improved handling on wet roads. The tyre also ensures lower rolling resistance, making it immensely fuel-efficient.

  • This tyre is constructed with a unique blend of compounds that prevents it from stiffening in extremely cold climates. The tread patterns are distinctively optimised to offer efficient snow braking and grip on frozen tracks.

    Further, the internal construction of this tyre is efficiently engineered to offer exceptional durability and controllability.

  • This tyre from Vredestein has made its way to the winner podium in the All-Season Tyre Test conducted by the German Magazine, Auto Bild. The tyre offers shorter braking distances and exceptional handling on wet roads. The unique groove design enhances snow handling and provides improved traction.

    Besides these, you will find several other Vredestein models at our facility.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy Vredestein tyres Shipley, visit Tyre Experts today.

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