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All season tyres are a product of ingenious innovation that combines the features of both summer and winter tyres to adequately meet the challenges of both warm and icy conditions with ease. These tyres prove to be extremely beneficial for car owners who drive limited miles and live in areas with moderate climate all throughout the year and wish to avoid changing tyres with the seasons.

We, Millennium Vehicle Services, are an authorised dealer of all-season car tyres Stockport.

All the tyres in our inventory are stocked from the most renowned brands and have EU tyre labels in line with safety, comfort, and durability.

    How are all season tyres different?

    As mentioned above, all-season tyres combine the features and characteristics of both summer and winter variants so that they perform optimally all-year round. Unlike summer and winter tyres which are customised with hard and soft rubber compounds respectively, a specialised all-season unit is constructed with an intermediate tread compound.

    These tyres also feature an intermediate tread depth and groove design to offer efficient traction on both summer and winter tracks. The groove design of this tyre is also uniquely built to offer efficient hydroplaning resistance as well as exceptional grip on snow-covered roads.

    Bestselling all-season tyres at our garage

  • Pirelli Cinturato ALL SEASON
  • The Pirelli Cinturato ALL SEASON is one of the most sought-after all-season tyres from Pirelli. This unit is customised with a directional tread design that offers unmatched hydroplaning resistance and braking performance on wet roads. The 3D sipe technology reduces the braking distance and offers efficient dry handling and control. Also, the innovative Seal Inside Technology allows driving even in a run-flat condition, ensuring safety.

  • Continental All Season Contact
  • The Continental All Season Contact offers unparalleled traction on both warm and snowy tracks with its innovative open shoulder tread block pattern. The silica compound of this unit provides efficient grip and control throughout the year. An added bonus of this tyre is it is extremely environment-friendly as it offers reduced fuel consumption and decreased carbon dioxide emissions along with outstanding driving efficiency.

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