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BF Goodrich Tyres

With persistent research and innovation, and with a record of ground-breaking performance in several motorsports events, like the Paris Dakar Rally, Indianapolis 500 and Baja 1000, BF Goodrich has retained its position among the top tyre manufacturing brands across the world.

This brand was also the first in America to manufacture pneumatic tyres with revolutionary technologies to enhance car performance and safety.

Though BF Goodrich is primarily known for its robust 4x4 and off-road tyres, at Millennium Vehicle Services, we stock units from various categories. Hence, if you are willing to replace your old car tyres Stockport with new BF Goodrich models, visit us.

Most popular BF Goodrich tyres at our garage

Before you buy new tyres Stockport, check out two of our best-selling BF Goodrich tyres, highly recommended by our customers.

Advantage T/A Sport

This is one of the most efficient all-season passenger car tyres Stockport, designed with the innovative Locking 3D Active Sipe Technology to offer enhanced traction on wet roads. The tread compound of this unit is infused with new silica compounds that deliver outstanding grip in both extreme summer and winter conditions. Further, this tyre has a specialised Curvilinear Groove design that improves hydroplaning resistance by efficiently dispersing water from its surface.


This summer variant from BF Goodrich is exclusively customised for hot summer tracks. It is built with infused silica compounds that ensure sharp steering response and efficient grip on wet and dry roads. The specialised g-Force Sport tread design and gHooks provide biting grip and unmatched cornering precision. Also, this unit has a reinforced wall that ensures improved stability, durability and control on any road condition.

Hence, stop searching for “tyres near me” and visit us to avail superior quality BF Goodrich units.

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