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A set of optimally performing tyres is essential for car safety as well as driving comfort. You should regularly check on your vehicle’s tyres Stockport to ensure they are road safe, and up to EU standards, you can always visit us if you need help checking your tyres are within the legal guidelines.

If you are searching for a new set of tyres Stockport, visit our garage - Millennium Vehicle Services for superior quality tyres at a competitive price.

You can book an appointment with us for fitment at our facility.

    Tyre brands available in our inventory

    At our garage, we stock an expansive range of car tyres Stockport from leading brands, like:

    • Continental Tyres
    • Bridgestone Tyres
    • Goodyear Tyres
    • Pirelli Tyres
    • Dunlop Tyres
    • Yokohama Tyres

    All the tyres in our garage have undergone rigorous checks and come with EU tyre labelling to ensure safety, enhanced wet grip and fuel efficiency.

    Categories of tyres in our garage

    Summer Tyres

    These tyres are customised with hard rubber compounds and have lesser natural rubber content. The construction and tread compound of summer tyres are optimised to offer unmatched performance, durability and reduced tread wear.

    Winter Tyres

    Unlike the summer variants, winter tyres are constructed with soft rubber compounds which enable them to remain flexible even when the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius. These tyres also feature an increased tread depth and wider grooves to offer efficient grip on snow-covered roads.

    All-season Tyres

    This variant is ideal for car owners who drive fewer miles all year round and want to avoid the hassle of changing tyres on a seasonal basis.

    4X4 Tyres

    Sport utility vehicles are uniquely built to offer improved control, stability and power on off-road drives. The 4X4 tyres are specifically built for SUVs. With an aggressive tread design and robust sidewall construction, 4X4 tyres offer enhanced control on rocky and muddy terrains.

    Apart from these, we also have an array of performance and run-flat tyres.

    Performance Tyres

    If you wish to extract the maximum performance out of your high-end sports cars, we recommend a set of performance tyres.

    Run-flat Tyres

    With our quality run-flats, you can forget about getting stranded in the middle of a road due to a puncture. These units will allow you to continue driving up to a certain limit even with a flat.

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