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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Weather conditions influence the way you drive, and this holds true especially for the winter season.

Reports suggest that car owners face a higher chance of road accidents during winters, as much as 20% more.

At Millennium Vehicle Services, we offer a broad range of winter tyres Stockport, so for “winter tyres near me” please browse our full range.

Why choose winter tyres?

Unique compounds

These tyres are made with a special soft rubber compound that has more silica in it.

So, while standard tyres become extremely rigid in lower temperatures, winter tyres Stockport stay soft, flexible and supple. As a result, they cling onto slippery surfaces during winter, thereby ensuring your safety.

Superior tread pattern

The tread design of these tyres has more grooves or sipes in it. This improved design ensures that a tyre can easily cut through snow or ice as well as displace water more efficiently.

Uniquely designed

Winter tyres deliver improved traction, grip and braking performance in cold weather conditions. Snow and ice get accumulated in the tyres when you are on the move. In such a circumstance, a standard tyre gets clogged up, becomes smooth and is rendered entirely useless on sleety paths.

However, a winter tyre is designed to vibrate on the go, which shakes out any snow that it may have picked up.

So, grab a set of winter tyres Stockport from our garage - 1A Shaw Heath, King Street, Stockport, Manchester, SK3 0DP.

You can also order directly from our website or call us on 07837 114 141, and we will answer all your queries.

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