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Are you looking for Run falt Tyres Stockport for your vehicle?


run-flat tyres are a product of advanced technological research and innovations. These tyres allow you to drive at a limited speed even when the tyre is deflated up to a certain distance so that you can safely reach and replace your car tyres Stockport at a reliable garage.

Millennium Vehicle Services is a sought-after dealer of superior quality run-flat tyres in Stockport. We have an expansive stock of run flat tyres available.

What are run-flat tyres?

run-flat tyres are essentially airless. These units come with reinforced sidewalls that prevent the rubber structure from shrinking or slipping out from the rim when they get deflated. However, run-flat tyres can be installed only on vehicles that are equipped with TPMS sensors. These sensors make the driver aware when the unit has a puncture, and the tyre pressure drops below the recommended level.

    Listed below are some facts about run-flat technologies.

    As mentioned above, run-flat tyres are built with reinforced walls. This means that the sidewalls are embedded with extra layers of rubber. The structure allows the tyres to carry the heavy load of a vehicle optimally even in a flat condition.These tyres will allow you to continue driving at a limited speed of around 50mph for about 50 miles, offering you the required buffer for a safe and hassle-free tyre replacement at a garage nearby.

    The reinforced walls of run-flat tyres are ingeniously engineered to offer handling precision and control. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the risks of poor car handling or steering precision during a run-flat condition.

    At our garage, we stock run-flat tyres retailed from leading brands across the world.

    Our bestsellers

    Run-flat technology is now being increasingly implemented in the tyre manufacturing process by several premium brands in the global market to reduce risk and ensure safety.

    Some of the notable run-flat tyres in our stock are listed below.

  • Bridgestone RFT
  • Continental SSR
  • Michelin ZP
  • Pirelli RF
  • Goodyear ROF
  • For run-flat tyres Stockport, you can visit our website, our workshop or call us on 07837 114141.

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