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In the 1960s, as more people around the world started buying cars, it became gradually obvious that vehicular pollution added to overall environmental pollution, and there was a direct link to Global Warming. The right MOT Stockport can help the users bear unwanted trouble while driving down the road. Besides, the UK’s Ministry of Transport observed that the number of on-road incidents involving cars was on the rise.

To combat these twin threats plus some miscellaneous issues, the Government introduced a test which measured a car’s roadworthiness, safety standards and emissions and compared them with ideal parameters. Initially, it was a simple test with few steps.

MOT checks, pre and post-MOT sessions

Today, any vehicle over 3 years of age must pass an MOT test Stockport each year; else, it will not be legally permitted to ply on the UK’s roads.

Visit our facility for the most comprehensive MOT check in Stockport. We conduct both Class 4 (at £55) and Class 7 (at £65) checks.

If your vehicle passes this test, we will issue a VT20 certificate.

Failure will lead to a VT30 certificate which details all the areas that require extra care or inspection.

You can also try Millennium Vehicle Services for pre- and post-MOT sessions.

Our technicians will first check MOT history and start work accordingly.

MOT test overview

The modern-day MOT is a very thorough test. You need professional expertise at every step. When you visit our garage for MOT Check Stockport, the following aspects will be covered:

    • Exhaust and emissions

This has been a part of a standard MOT Stockport ever since the test was proposed. We use a range of handheld devices which check your car’s emissions for noxious fumes, including Nitrogen and Sulphur Oxides, besides CO. All of these gases should be within the legally-permissible limit.

An exhaust check is highly complicated since several components work in tandem. Our staff will check each part of an exhaust system manually and using data obtained from an ECU. Replacements may be needed at times.

    • Steering

The car’s steering wheel and column should be in good shape. Since most cars nowadays come packed with power steering, we also check the latter’s parts and fluid levels.

    • Suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension should work properly and without any trouble. The shocks, struts, gaskets and coil springs must be in proper condition. Suspension issues often lead to MOT failures, leaving you searching for an “MOT Stockport”.

If there is any noticeable problem, we will rectify it swiftly.

    • Lights

Your car comes with a wide range of lights, both inside the passenger cabin and on the exterior. These lights should always work at appropriate brightness levels. The external fixtures, especially the headlamps and hazard lights, plus lane change or departure warning lights, must work perfectly.

    • Brakes

The braking system is one of the most complicated systems of your car. Since most modern vehicles come with ABS, the entire mechanism must work flawlessly. From brake pad wear to poor ABS responsiveness, a lot can go wrong in this department. Millennium Vehicle Services will ensure that each part works as mandated by the law.

    • Battery and electrical systems

The battery is at the heart of your car’s electrical system. We will inspect it for adequate electrolyte levels, signs of leakage, bloating of the case and voltage output. Besides, we will also ensure that all wiring and circuits are in order.

We use advanced diagnostic tools to determine if the on-board computer flags any issue. It is a significant part of our MOT Stockport.

    • Body

Finally, we will inspect the car’s body for dents and signs of damage, including rusting of certain vulnerable parts. If necessary, we will use OE-grade paints and primers to ensure that there is no visible degradation.

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