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We at Millennium Vehicle Services offers Car Service Stockport at an affordable price. The consequences of not properly maintaining your car can be disastrous. Each year, millions of extra tonnes of noxious fumes are added to the air we breathe if the exhaust systems are not in proper condition. People have to spend millions of extra Pounds on fuel and sudden repairs due to breakdowns.

Servicing your car periodically is of prime importance for 3 reasons:

  • It helps your vehicle operate at optimal levels of performance, and often exceed expectations.
  • It enables your vehicle to pass the MOT Test Stockport, which is mandatory for any car which is 3 years old.
  • Lastly, a superbly repaired car is also your safest option in any season.

If you live in or around Stockport, feel free to visit our facility - Millennium Vehicle Services We are known to offer reliable car service Stockport.

Our technicians have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that your car gets the attention it needs.

What does Millennium Vehicle Services offer?

Unlike the MOT test which is mandated by the laws of the UK, service sessions are voluntary. In our experience, the happiest and most satisfied car owners are those who take care of their rides.

We offer 2 types of servicing sessions: interim and full. The latter is also sometimes referred to as a comprehensive service.

Our technicians recommend an interim car servicing Stockport after every 6 months, while a comprehensive service can be arranged once a year. When these 2 types of service sessions are strictly adhered to, your car is bound to be in superb shape.

Outlines of our interim service

An interim Vehicle servicing Stockport is especially crucial for those who drive more than 20,000 miles or just above 32,000 km each year. You must opt for this service every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever is earlier. We include a total of 54 checks. Some of these are:

    • Oil changes
    • Oil filter replacement.
    • Visual inspection of your car’s exhaust and braking systems. They must be in excellent shape.

If you search online garage for the best car servicing Stockport, there are good chances that you will be guided to our facility! Our reputation rests on our superior retail, replacements and value-added car service Stockport. In turn, a significant number of patrons trust us.

    • Tyre and wheel checks, etc.

Our full service

We recommend you book our full car service Stockport once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. We offer a total of 77 checks (including everything that we conduct in an interim service).

These include:

    • Replacing air filters.
    • Extensive and professional check-up of the suspension.
    • Engine checks to identify potential problems.
    • Check-ups of radiator, alternator, and the coolant hose.

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Trust only Millennium Vehicle Services for a thorough and impeccable car servicing Stockport!

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