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The size of your car tyres plays a crucial role in determining acceleration, braking distance, as well as the maximum speed limit. It is essential that you opt for the manufacturer recommended tyre size so that your car performs optimally in various road conditions.

If you are looking to change your car tyres Stockport but are finding it difficult to understand the size code, you can either use the specially designed search bar built into Millennium Vehicle Services website, or call us for advice. Our professionals will help you select appropriate tyres for your car that will ensure both safety and driving comfort.

What does the tyre size mean?

The alphanumeric tyre size code covers several important aspects related to rim diameter, load index, speed limit, etc.

Below is an example we think may help:

205/60 R15 91 V

    • The first three numbers 205 reflect the section width of the tyre.
    • 60 indicate the height of the tyre. It is also known as aspect ratio and is measured in percentage with respect to the width.
    • Letter ‘R’ reflects the type of tyre construction used to build the tyre. In this case, the tyre has a radial construction.
    • The last numbers, 15 indicates the diameter of the rim, measured in inches.
    • ‘91’ reflects the load index, and therefore, shows the maximum load capacity that this tyre can carry.
    • ‘V’ indicates the maximum speed limit of this tyre.

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