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Light Tints

    Light tints are nothing but a semi-transparent film with adhesive on one side. They are generally affixed upon your car’s headlamps and rear lamps. The popularity of tints can be explained by the aesthetic value they add. There are numerous types of tints in various shades, colours and styles.

    Do you live and drive in or around the Greater Manchester area and have incessantly searched for ‘light tints near me’ on the Internet without much success?

    We suggest you should visit our facility, Millennium Vehicle Services . We are one of the trusted retailers of light tints Stockport. We take great care to ensure that we are abreast with the latest styles in the market, and we update our inventory accordingly.

    We are confident that you will find a set of light tints at our garage which will suit your car perfectly.

    Advantages of light tints

    Some of the reasons why front and tail light tint films Stockport sell in great numbers are the following:

  • Protects external lights
  • The tints are attached over the headlights and rear lights. Hence, even if your vehicle sustains minor bruises in an on-road incident, the lights will be free from scratches or dents as this film coating will bear the brunt.

  • Durable and washable
  • All models of light tints Stockport we sell are long-lasting and washable. The films are waterproof. You can clean these tints as any other parts of your car using soapy water or specialised cleaning fluid.

  • Easily removable
  • If you are bored with a model, simply visit Millennium Vehicle Services and choose a new set of tints. Smoky tints are currently fashionable; you can easily purchase them at our facility. Our customer care executives will assist you to choose the best model.

  • Light tints and MOTs
  • As a responsible retailer, we, at Millennium Vehicle Services , are bound to inform you that you cannot use very dark light tints Stockport. It dims the lights and may cause accidents.

    According to the DVSA’s rules,

  • You must never purchase tints which reduce the brightness levels by 50% or more.
  • Despite added tints, a light’s original colours must be recognisable.
  • All lights should be visible from a distance.
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