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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Are you planning to make your car summer-ready?

Then consider a set of summer tyres on your vehicle. Since summer roads come with their set of challenges, you may want specialised summer tyres to enjoy optimum performance and improved handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

At our garage, Millennium Vehicle Services, we house an expansive inventory of summer tyres Stockport from renowned brands. These products offer durability, control, and improved handling during the summer months.

Unique features of summer tyres Stockport

Summer tyres have a unique construction both in terms of the rubber compound and tread pattern.

Before you buy summer tyres Stockport, check out this crucial information about their construction to make an informed decision.

Summer tyres are constructed with specialised hard rubber compounds. These tyres have less natural rubber content which allows them to effectively navigate on hot roads by reducing tread wear significantly.

Summer tyres also feature a shallower tread depth, which is essentially customised to increase the road contact area of the unit to improve braking performance and cornering precision on both dry and wet roads. These products are also customised with tread bars and unique groove designs that improve hydroplaning resistance on wet roads.

Our top sellers at Millennium Vehicle Services

Continental Sport Contact 6

This specialised summer tyre from Continental AG is customised with the Micro Flexibility Compound that optimises grip and control. It also enhances the braking performance of the tyre and offers unmatched safety. This unit also features an improved tread design that offers unparalleled steering precision and cornering stability. Further, the Aralon350 ensures safety and driving comfort at high speeds.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2

The Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 is a popular summer tyre model from Dunlop that offers efficient control by improving the road contact area. These tyres also come with increased lateral stiffness and tread block stability that maximise their cornering stability significantly.

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