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Engine remapping, performance tuning and economy tuning are all fairly recent phenomena which are meant to do away with a car’s default settings. All modern cars come with an on-board computer called the Engine Control Unit or ECU. This ECU controls every aspect of a car.

Since all major manufacturers sell most of their models across the world, their ECU settings are relatively uniform to suit all countries and their varying laws. Remapping essentially means changing or tweaking an ECU’s software for various purposes.

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We offer advanced Engine Remapping Stockport using some of the latest technologies.

Remapping explained

While there are many DIY-enthusiasts who plan their individual remaps, engine remapping Stockport service requires professional expertise. Otherwise, there will be significant damage to your car.

We overwrite the ECU’s software with newer and different types of software that suit various ends. We tap into an ECU via its OBD port and ‘flash’ it with differently-tuned software.

Once complete, all default or factory settings are erased. Based on our patron’s requirements, we can tune the car to increase or decrease several parameters.

Our Engine Remapping Stockport sessions take very little time provided you have a prior appointment with us. To book a slot, please call us on 07837 114141.

Why is Engine Remapping Stockport popular?

There are several benefits which a remap offers. Some of them are the following:

  • Superior acceleration

Most passenger cars cannot exceed a pre-set speed limit; acceleration is also limited. However, once a remapping is complete, you will notice a significant rise in your car’s rate of acceleration. While you will be unable to beat the maximum speed limit, you will notice that driving becomes a breeze.

  • Lower fuel consumption

Contrary to a popular misconception, a professional engine remapping Stockport service can increase fuel savings by lowering fuel consumption. It is one of the main factors why people choose remaps.

On that note, your average carbon footprint will also go down by several notches.

  • Superior throttle response

Thanks to more power generated via improved fuel-air combustion, your car’s throttle responsiveness will go up significantly. You will also notice a better rev range!

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