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Are you looking for Ceramic Coatings for your vehicle?

The climate in the UK can prove to be rather difficult on your car’s paint finish. We, Millennium Vehicle Service, are here to assist your vehicle in the fight against changing climate and other damaging factors. We only use the Highest quality detailing products to produce the best finishes.


Stage 1 Detail & Ceramic Protection Package:

-This includes machine polishing the cars paintwork to remove Swirls & Light Scratches while enhancing the gloss. 

-Complete Decontamination of the Paintwork

-Complete interior deep clean, refreshing your cars feel 

-A specialist glass coating to repel water/dirt while driving

-Engine bay detail to remove all contamination 

-Alloy, Caliper & Wheel Arch deep clean

-And of course, the 3+ Year Ceramic Coating protection.

Prices Start from £335. Call us today for a quote regarding your Ceramic Coatings Stockport, Manchester.

Why opt for ceramic coating in Stockport?

Our service focuses on non-stick, wear-resistant, and chemical resistant coating. Hence, we use next-generation, professional-grade ceramic coatings Stockport that forms a protective layer on the surface while significantly increasing its density. Once applied, ceramic coating is both permanent and easy to clean. Aside from the obvious, here are a few other reasons to opt for it for use on your vehicle:

Protection against harmful UV rays

You can barely comprehend the harm that the sun’s UV beams can cause to your vehicle’s paintwork. But a ceramic coating will shield it against oxidising, fading and eventually turning dull in look. It becomes crucial if you park your car out in the open.

Protection against chemical stains

Substance stains from acidic pollutants in the air, such as acid rain, is another likely threat to your vehicle. A ceramic layer keeps these pollutants from reacting with the paint, making it wear-resistant. A ceramic coating will prove to be the relief your vehicle needs with the rise in air pollution these days.

Note: Ceramic coating does not guarantee 100 per cent wear resistance.


Most bodywork detailing services such as waxing comes with the disadvantage that washing the vehicle becomes a task as you are usually removing the wax you have previously applied. However, after ceramic coating, the polymer does not wear off. More importantly, its water-repel property causes all water-based soil and grime to bead on the surface, which is easily washable with a quick jet spray.

Super-finish gloss

Ceramic coating blends with the car’s original paint and adds gloss as well as depth, rendering it a richer appearance. Your vehicle will appear the best it has ever looked!

At Millennium Vehicle Service, we assure your car makes the best first impression. We specialise in treating cars like royalty and providing top-of-the-line products to treat them. So, what are you waiting for?

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