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Continental, currently the world’s 4th-largest tyre manufacturer, is German engineering at its peak. These tyres are made under the aegis of the massive Continental AG, a conglomerate that has been in existence since 1871 and is a specialist in the design and manufacture of brake parts, powertrains and other automotive systems as well.

While Germany is known for its cars, including the ‘Big 4’- BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen - their tyres are also recognised as top-of-the-shelf products.

Continental tyres sell in impressive numbers in the United Kingdom every year. If you are looking for their summer, winter or other specialised models in Greater Manchester, drop in at Millennium Vehicle Services. We deal extensively in Continental tyres Stockport.

We are, in fact, a trusted retailer of Continental car tyres Stockport.

Our facility is also recognised as a one-stop destination for several other models of car tyres Stockport.

Continental’s top-selling models

This German giant is a very dynamic company. Each year, its portfolio expands as more models are launched and newer technologies are added. Nonetheless, we have noticed that these Continental tyres Stockport sell in record numbers perennially.

For summers and savings

If you have plans to buy Continental tyres Stockport for summer use, look no further than the 2019-launched EcoContact 6. This new family comes in several rim sizes, offers impressive acceleration on almost all roads barring slushy ones and are designed for sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and CUVs.

Continental states that its new EcoContact 6 will be the template for all future tyres. It gives 3 reasons why:

    • These models use rubber derived from sustainable forests, helping Continental reduce its carbon footprint.
    • These models score high on the EU ratings, thanks to its low rolling noise and increased fuel savings.
    • Finally, Continental has clarified that this new family will soon have members designed for EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles of all sizes.

For winters and safety

Are you looking for Continental ‘tyres near me’ for winters? At Millennium Vehicle Services, we recommend:

ContiWinterContact TS 800: These are reliable winter tyres designed mainly for compact vehicles. You will find an array of sizes at our station.

Moreover, the company has priced this model very competitively, thereby posing a challenge to new entrants like Nexen (which we also store at our garage).

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