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If you need help understanding tyre labelling, Millennium Vehicle Services is here to help you with this.

What is tyre labelling?

The EU introduced a tyre labelling system in 2012 as an effort to curb noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. A tyre label is an indication of the unit’s safety and efficiency, in line with EU law.

When you buy new car tyres Stockport, you can choose the best set of tyres for you based on efficiency and safety matched to your needs.

At Millennium Vehicle Services, we stock only the best car tyres Stockport all are supplied with labelling. Our range contains quality tyres that deliver superior efficiency and reduced emissions.

How to understand a tyre label?

Prior knowledge about these labels helps make an informed decision when you buy car tyres.

The labels currently include three icons that denote three features –

    • Fuel economy
    • Wet grip rating
    • Noise rating
    • Fuel economy

It contains a colour-coded scale with an alphabet, which ranges from A to G. Tyres with the best fuel efficiency have a green ‘A’ rating. On the other hand, tyres with lower fuel efficiency receive a red ‘G’ rating. Please note that the rating D is not used for passenger cars.

Wet grip

A tyre’s wet grip ability is rated on a scale of A to F. Here, ‘A’ is the highest rating while ‘F’ stands as the lowest. Passenger cars are not rated D or G.

Noise levels

    • The EU rates a tyre’s external noise emissions in decibels. You can identify it from the symbol with three ‘sound wave’ bars:
    • One black sound wave signifies a quiet tyre with 3dB or more noise.
    • Two black waves indicate that noise is moderate and meets the current regulations.

Three black waves mean that the tyre is noisy, and therefore, above the permissible limit.

Now that you can read a tyre label, buying “car tyres near me” will be hassle-free. So, consider visiting us or order your new tyres online.

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