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Pirelli tyre is one of the major players in the global tyre market, recording a turnover of 5.3 billion euros in 2019. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to improving its tyres with high-end technology to offer unmatched safety, control and comfortable driving experience.

The three major technologies that the brand currently implements in its units are the innovative PNCS or Pirelli Noise Cancellation System, Pirelli Self-Supporting Runflat technology and the specialised Seal Inside technology. All the three technologies are combined to maximise the performance of its tyre Stockport so that they can effectively handle the challenges of summers, winters or off-road tracks with ease.

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Our best-selling Pirelli tyres

If you are looking forward to buy Pirelli tyres Stockport, check out the bestselling models available at our garage.

    • P ZERO CORSA (PZC4) - This unit is customised with an inner tread design that offers excellent balance during at high speeds. You can experience impressive lateral acceleration with the massive tread blocks on the shoulder and with the continuous central rib of this tyre. Further, the unique tread compound of this unit offers improved resistance to high thermo-mechanical stress to enhance the handling precision.
    • WINTER SOTTOZERO SERIE 2- It is a specialised winter tyre from Pirelli that is manufactured with an asymmetrical tread pattern which offers exceptional grip on frozen tracks. This unit is constructed with a New Temperature Dynamic Compound that increases driving safety and handling precision on winter roads.

Further, the customised external tread design of this unit offers enhanced cornering precision and effective dry road handling.

Apart from these two models, we also have a range of other tyres from Pirelli at competitive prices. Hence, you can now end your search for pirelli tyres Stockport and visit us to replace your old car tyres with new Pirelli units.

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