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Are you looking for Car Battery Stockport for your vehicle?


Imagine, you are already late in the morning and then your car doesn’t start - because the battery is dead!

The underlying causes of battery failure could be manifold, and it takes a trained eye to detect the causes. This is where our services at Millennium Vehicle Services come into play. We have an expert team working with us, capable of providing comprehensive car battery inspection.

We also house an extensive stock of new car battery Stockport from leading companies including Bosch, GP Batteries, and Panasonic.

Can batteries be repaired?

Car batteries function through different phases of engaging and disengaging power. Though every battery has an average lifespan of 5 years, irregular or poor maintenance can lead to a premature battery failure.

Once the batteries are “out of juice”, you have no other option apart from replacing the units.

Warning signs of a faulty battery

If you detect the signs discussed below, we recommend you opt for car battery replacement Stockport at our facility.

  • Flickering headlights

Batteries power all the electronic units in a vehicle, starting from the headlights and radio to the dashboard computer. A failing battery cannot fully power these components, which may result in dim headlights or inactive radio. Therefore, if you notice your car headlights are weaker than before, take the cue and reach our workshop.

  • Slow engine crank

Bad starter and alternator are the primary causes behind this, but it may also happen due to a malfunctioning battery.

  • Clicking sound on turning the key

Once you turn the key in the ignition, batteries send power to the starter solenoid. A malfunctioning battery cannot carry out this task, and you will hear a clicking sound.

  • Rotten egg smell

If you begin to perceive a rotten egg smell when you open the vehicle’s hood, it may indicate that the battery is leaking and needs to be replaced.

  • Bloated battery case

Extreme heat or cold temperatures can lead to a bloated battery case. If you notice that your car battery is bloated or misshapen, you must opt for a replacement immediately.

Apart from these signs, if you require the gas pedal to start the engine or detect frequent engine misfires, you must take professional assistance.

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