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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


Your vehicle’s suspension system absorbs all the shocks and impacts on bumpy roads and ensures your driving comfort. This system also enhances your vehicle’s steering ability and handling performance.

The car suspension consists of springs, linkages and shock absorbers Stockport. The springs are most likely to get damaged as these are partly exposed to the atmosphere, making it rust-prone.

Should you come across any sign of a damaged car suspension system Stockport, bring your vehicle to Millennium Vehicle Services.

How does a suspension system get damaged?

    • Overloading the vehicle

A suspension spring has a limit of load that it can sustain without causing any problem. If you put excessive weight on your car, its automotive spring can get damaged.

    • Driving on bumpy roads

Most springs and shock absorbers get damaged if your vehicle runs over uneven terrain, bumpy roads, etc. This has a direct impact on your driving experience and ride quality.

    • Rust

Like most other vehicle components, your car suspension system’s springs and shocks are usually made up of steel. The oxygen in the atmosphere oxidises the steel and accelerates its corrosion which makes it more susceptible to breakage.

Should your car suspension system Stockport sustain any damage, it will show various symptoms.

Please know that there is a problem with your vehicle’s suspension system if you notice:

    • Your car pulls to a side.
    • One corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others when parked.
    • An increasingly bumpy driving experience.
    • There is difficulty in steering your vehicle.
    • The shock absorber is oilier than usual.
    • Squatting, rolling and diving of your vehicle.

If you come across any of these signs, do not take it as “normal” and visit our suspension repairing garage Stockport immediately.

Our technicians at Millennium Vehicle Services are highly skilled at repairing different car components. However, please be aware that the damaged components of a suspension cannot be repaired. We will replace the worn-out shock absorbers Stockport.

To ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience, we recommend you opt for our services.

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