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A major cause of car accidents in the UK can be traced to faults in the braking system. In fact, a large number of vehicles fail annual MOT Test Stockport due to malfunctioning brakes.

Some of the signs of a faulty braking system are:

  • Squeaking, screeching or grinding noises on applying the brakes
  • The car pulls to one side
  • Vibrations in the brake pedal
  • Spongy or soft brake pedal
  • Burning smell

If you find your car exhibiting any or all of these signs, you must reach a professional garage near you. Driving a car with malfunctioning brakes can be a grave danger for you and those around you. So, it is imperative that you get it checked soon.

You needn’t look any further for a garage for brake repair Stockport.

With Millennium Vehicle Services, you can put an end to your search for ‘brake repair near me’.

A point to note here is that in case of broken components or damaged brake pads, the braking system cannot be repaired. But do not let this worry you because we provide effective brake pad replacement Stockport.

Common causes of brake failure

Components in a braking system are prone to wear and tear but can get damaged due to several other reasons as well, which include:

  • Neglect

Brakes, like most parts in an automobile, have a limited life span. Therefore, car owners must inspect the functioning and condition of the brakes on a routine basis. Any malfunction, no matter how minor it may be, must be addressed immediately.

  • Overheating brake pads

Brake pads can overheat with excessive use. Consequently, they become hard and brittle, which lowers their grip on the wheel rotor disk. As a result, the braking distance of your vehicle increases.

  • Leaking hydraulic fluid

The brake line can often leak hydraulic fluid. This contamination lowers the efficiency of the braking system.

  • Driving through mud

Water and mud act as lubricants for brake pads and rotor disks, thus reducing friction. It is for this reason that you are advised to be cautious when driving in wet conditions.

  • Damaged brake rotor disks

Worn-out rotor disks on your car’s wheels may lower the lifespan of brake pads. This hampers the efficiency of the overall braking system, making it difficult for your car to come to a stop.

At Millennium Vehicle Services, we operate with a team of skilled technicians, who specialise in diagnosing brake-related issues and rectify them with ease. Serving you well is our priority; so you can trust us with your vehicular problems.

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