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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Winters can come with a new set of complications that have a significant impact on your car’s overall performance. As evenings start to set in early and the temperature falls, you need to ensure that your vehicle is up for the challenges posed by the extreme road conditions. Stats suggest that 24% of the weather-related accidents take place during winters.

Millennium Vehicle Services is gradually becoming one of the most trusted garages for car winter check Stockport.

What is included in our winter car service?

Our team of highly experienced technicians focuses on the following aspects of your vehicle to make it winter-ready:

    • Battery

You must ensure that your car’s battery is in perfect working condition at all times. Failing to do so can cause your vehicle to break down in the middle of nowhere on a cold dark night. Hence, it’s essential to opt for a winter check; it will ensure that your car’s battery is safe and secure.

    • Cooling system

The most common cause for engine-related breakdowns during winters is a faulty cooling system. Hence, a winter check is necessary to make sure that the coolant system is in optimum condition. It also involves the inspection of the antifreeze in your car’s radiator; it is refilled if necessary.

    • Windscreen wipers

During the cold winter months, the weather might change unexpectedly. Hence, windscreen wipers of a vehicle need to be in proper condition to have flawless vision while driving. A routine winter check is necessary to ensure that they are in perfect working condition to keep the windscreen clean.

    • Lights

Driving with malfunctioning or broken lights is not legal according to the laws set by the government. Also, during winters, it’s quite common for car owners to drive through fog. So, it requires you to use the lights more often than usual. Our winter car service Stockport includes an inspection of your car’s lights. Feel free to contact us at 07837114141 for more information.

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