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Are you looking for Vehicle Detailing & Valeting for your vehicle?

Vehicle detailing and valeting services revamp an automobile, especially in terms of its paintwork and surfaces. At Millennium Vehicle Services, we offer top-notch vehicle detailing Stockport at affordable rates. So, consider dropping by our facility.

Our vehicle detailing and valeting services

Stage 1 Detail Package, Starting at £180:

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A great all rounder, this package is designed to thoroughly clean all areas of the vehicle, a single stage machine polish is then carried out to remove fine scratches and swirls, then it’s protected with your choice of protective products to give the paintwork a smooth, glossy, glass like finish. Using the right polish, pad and machine we can achieve amazing results. The difference is unbelievable! The single stage results vary on what the vehicles paintwork is like. Most clients prefer to opt for this package due to its affordability & outstanding results!

WHAT IS INVOLVED in a Stage 1 Detail?

  • Safe 2 Bucket hand wash
  • All door shuts, wheel arches, grills, badges etc cleansed
  • Full decontamination process using special chemicals & clay bars
  • Wheels, Calipers & Arches cleaned & decontaminated
  • Fully Dried
  • A single stage paint correction treatment carried out using a rotary or DA machine polisher (dependant of paint type) to correct minor paint swirls/marks, minor hologramming, fine scratches and oxidation sometimes found in vehicles
  • Brings back the gloss & lustre to your vehicles paintwork
  • Improves the clarity and depths to your vehicles paintwork
    Removes between 80-90% of defects in your vehicles paintwork
  • Ceramic Wax Or Coating (Clients choice!) applied to the paintwork
  • Tyres dressed for a perfect shine
  • Ceramic Glass Protection Coating applied
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Interior Deep Clean
  • Interior Glass Cleaned

The process usually takes 2 full days. We will keep you informed throughout the process, and the car will be safe inside the unit overnight. 

Call us today for a quote on 07837 114141 if your looking for "detailing Stockport" or "car detailing near me".

When it comes to meticulous services like vehicle detailing and valeting, it is vital to choose a professional automotive station.

Millennium Vehicle Services stands out as a trusted name in and around Stockport. You will find us at 1A Shaw Heath, King Street, Stockport SK3 0DP Manchester during business hours.

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