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Wheel refurbishments, often known simply as refurbs, are more than mere cosmetic adjustments or repairs of your car’s wheels. They carry a lot of weight and importance whenever you need to ace an MOT test, sell your car or for insurance purposes.

That said, most refurbishments and alloy repairs are done mainly for aesthetic purposes.

If you live and stay in or around Stockport, visit us - Millennium Vehicle Services - for the most complete and professionally finished wheel refurbishment Stockport.

We provide OE-grade diamond cuts, powder-coating and SMART repairs.

For any further information, you can call us on 07837 114141 on any business day. Our service representative will be glad to help you out.

Why opt for wheel refurbishment?

There are several reasons why these services are in demand. The 3 most prominent ones are:

    • Alloy repairs

A lot of alloy wheels sold and used across the United Kingdom are made of magnesium or aluminium alloys. The range of colours and finishes is astounding. However, these parts are also prone to damage since they are not nearly as tough or sturdy as stainless steel alloys.

Millennium Vehicle Services is a trusted facility for alloy wheel repairs Stockport.

    • Customisations

We have several clients who want distinctive and singular finishes. These customisations set your vehicle apart from the thousands of others on the roads. We provide an exhaustive array of customisations which are at par with any high-end service centre in this country.

    • Heightened resistance to damage

Every session of wheel refurbishment Stockport you avail from us ensures that your car’s wheels receive a thorough inspection for rust, dents, signs of kerbing, mudguard issues and smaller problems.

Our technicians can then reduce any chance of further damage to a great extent.

Our range of wheel refurbishment services

Here is a condensed list of the work we do.

    • Rim repairs

Millennium Vehicle Services is considered a reliable facility for rim repairs Stockport. Disfigurements of a wheel’s rim are fairly common, and we always use the latest technologies to provide lasting solutions without leaving behind any noticeable trace.

    • Powder coating and wet paint

It is our most in-demand service. Using a pre-heat process, we will first remove any paint layer or other chemicals. Our facility only uses non-destructive methods to repair the damage; following that, a layer of lacquer and colour-matched coat of paint is applied.

Note that it is not always possible to repair a wheel; you may need replacements in cases of severe damage.

    • Ceramic polishing

It is a cosmetic procedure to renovate old alloys. We are known for our quality finishes.

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Trust only Millennium Vehicle Services for wheel refurbishment Stockport.

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