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Are you looking for Clutch Services for your vehicle?

The clutch assists in coordinating several operations between the engine and transmission system to provide you with smooth performance. However, it may go through certain damages that need to be repaired in order to prevent huge replacement costs and performance issues.

Talented and experienced experts at Millennium Vehicle Services provide the best clutch repair Reading services.

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What is clutch repair?

Clutch repair refers to disassembling and repairing some crucial parts of the transmission system like flywheel, disk, bearings, and pressure plate. Our experts use modern equipment to repair these components of the transmission system to ensure precise gear shift. However, if these components are irreparable, you may be advised to replace the damaged parts of the system or the clutch system as a whole if necessary.

Once the mechanical procedures are complete, our experts will make sure there is an adequate levels of hydraulic fluid to ensure a perfectly responsive clutch pedal. Finally, the service concludes with lubricating the bearings and reassembling of the clutch.

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Benefits of clutch repair

Increased car life

Our experts will ensure a smooth movement of clutch components to allow a precise gearshift. This helps to maintain sufficient torque and increase your car’s overall life.

Enhanced performance and safety

Getting a clutch repair Reading for your vehicle assists the engine in maintaining adequate coordination with the suspension and transmission system. This further enhances the performance and safety of a vehicle.

Prevents costly repairs

Experts at Millennium Vehicle Services are trained to repair your vehicle’s clutch assembly to prevent the spread of damage from the flywheel to pressure plates and other components. This helps you save huge amounts of money on clutch replacement.

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Risks of driving with an improper clutch

Reduced driving comfort

An improper clutch system cannot maintain proper coordination with the transmission system. This leads to an unresponsive clutch pedal, frequent stoppages on the road and reduced driving comfort.

Gearbox damage

A defected clutch assembly fails to disengage the camshaft with rotating wheels while changing gears. This may cause damage to the teeth of various gears in a vehicle.

Reasons for an improper or failing clutch system

  • Driving at high speeds at inappropriate gear
  • Worn-out or under-tension clutch cables
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage
  • Damaged pressure plates
  • Improper lubrication of clutch bearings

Symptoms of worn-out clutch

  • Trouble in shifting the gears
  • Soft and spongy clutch pedal
  • Screeching sounds while pressing the clutch pedal
  • Burning smell while shifting gears

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